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Specialty Ink Solutions from Apollo Colours NA

Offering a wide range of Security, Special Effect and Made to Order products for your customized design. 

Bring your solution to life with these Special Effect Inks. Security inks recognized by all Financial Institutions

Signature Panel

A screen printing security product designed for use on credit cards where some extra security is required. Post and Pre-Lamination, opaque and transparent signature panel inks are available as High Security versions exhibiting tamper evidence colour changes. This product is also available for non-security applications as well. 

U.V. Sensitive Screen

Designed as security products for lamination into credit cards, or as overprints onto signature panels. We offer a wide range of UV sensitive invisible colour inks from Red to Violet as well as inks that change colour when subjected to UV light. These inks are also suitable to use on paper documents.

I.R. Blocking

A range of transparent colours which block I.R. light allowing ATM Machines to recognize transparent cards. 

Interference Inks

A semi-transparent varnish which changes the optical properties of the inks it overprints, giving a variety of effects from one pass. Available in several shades.


A range of screen inks available in three colours: red, blue and yellow. Prints produced using these inks will change from colourless to coloured when exposed to UV or Sunlight. They can be supplied in several ink types for plastic, metal, and paper. This product is available in standard and a long afterglow version.


Also known as Glow in the Dark, these screen inks contain optically active pigments which absorb energy from incident light and re-emits it as light, after the incident light is removed. The length of time for which this is visible depends on the ink type, and previous exposure time. Three main types of phosphorescent inks are available; Standard long afterglow yellow/green, Extra long afterglow yellow/green, and Quick charge long afterglow yellow/green. Standard long afterglow inks can also be produced to special order in Orange, Yellow, and Blue/Green. Designed to print on most plastics and paper.


These inks contain heat sensitive pigments which absorb heat from their surroundings or directly applied heat which causes the temperature to rise and a chemical change to occur in the ink. The ink which is coloured then changes to colourless. On cooling the ink will return to its coloured state. Available over a range of temperatures and in various colours. 

Specialty Products
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