Screen Printing Inks from Apollo Colours NA


Offering solvent; water or U.V. based inks uniquely developed to adapt to your printing requirements

Superior quality Screen Inks spanning across a wide range of Standard and Custom colour requirements for a variety of applications

Water Based Screen

A full range of water-based inks is available in Opaque White, Golds, Silvers, Metallics, Pearls, Adhesives and Primers. These inks give the dual advantages of reducing V.O.C emissions while maintaining high lamination bond strengths across various substrates. Apollo water-based screen inks remain open on the screen giving excellent press stability and ease of use. These inks run well with the same dryer configuration as their solvent-based counterparts. 

U.V. Screen

Superlam U.V. screen inks give instant drying and almost infinite screen stability along with excellent adhesion allowing the use of uncoated overlay in some cases. Superlam inks are available in Colours, Metallics, Pearls and Varnishes

U.V. Water Based Hybrid

These inks have been formulated for the production of laminated plastic cards. They deliver exceptional bond strengths without the risk of cracking and can be used with high-speed printing. Apollo U.V. Water Based Hybrid inks maintain very low VOCs and are RoHS compliant. They have a lower build than conventional UV screen inks, perfect for use with coasted & uncoated overlays. These range of inks are ideal for printing onto P.V.C. material. 

Solvent Based Lamination Inks

These inks from Apollo Colours NA are a well established industry leader, offering low odour and exceptional press performance as well as bonds greater than ISO standards.

High Bond Screen

High bond screen lamination inks were originally formulated to overcome lamination issues with highly pigmented inks such as Pearl or White. With the demands from end users for higher bond strengths and more durable cards; High Bond inks can now be made available across a wider range. The correct use of High Bond inks should readily yield bonds of 8-10 Newtons.

Metallics & Pearls

Apollo is famous for their extensive range of Metallic inks, being approved for VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Apollo also produces a variety of pearl inks suitable for use on their own, as a primer for overprinting or as an overprint. 

Coatings & Adhesives

These inks from Apollo Colours NA are a well-established industry leader, offering low odour and exceptional press performance as well as bonds greater than ISO standards.

Screen Press Polishing Varnish

During the Laminating phase, the static generated in the laminator, and the high gloss finish of the sheet, cause the sheets to stick together. When pulled apart ink can be removed in patches all over the sheet. This is more likely to happen in areas where solids, or multicolour overprints are made. Our Press Polish Varnish is developed to overcome this problem when stacked after removal from the laminator.

Nylon Bag

Apollo Nylon inks are designed for printing direct onto Nylon and other synthetic fabrics such as polyesters, cottons, and cotton/polyester blends. These inks offer excellent adhesion, flexibility and covering power. It is recommended that they are cured as a two pack catalysed system to achieve the best results. Although they may be used uncatalysed where less demand is put on the performance of the ink.

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