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Litho Offset Printing Inks from Apollo Colours NA

Offering U.V. Curing Offset Inks for both Wet Plate and Waterless Presses

Especially designed for P.V.C. heat lamination, possessing excellent colour stability, and with rub & scratch resistance and adhesion. 4-7 Colour process and full mixing base range available


Represents the latest technology in meeting the stringent demands of improved card production. Developed to address the increased peel strength figures laid down by the banking sector, TC+ excels in the requirements both of modern high-speed presses and high performance in the finished card. UVISEAL TC+ offers lithographically stable ink, reducing misting and ink fly. Specially tack graded to aid trapping and printability. Available in 4 colour Process, 6/7 colour multicolour process, a complete base mixing scheme used to match Pantone colours with full lamination colour stability across the range. Superior lamination bonds of 8 Newtons and above, have been achieved with the correct conditions. Suitable for a wide range of substrates including PVC, PETG, PETF, and Polycarbonate.


Formulated predominantly for the gift and loyalty card market, Apollo Colours has been able to take the same standards and high expectations into an ink for this well established and growing sector. QS+ exhibits many of the strengths of TC+; great lamination figures, good densities, press stability and are available in all combinations.

UVISEAL Waterless TC

Formulated to solve the twin problems of achieving clean press performance whilst still delivering high lamination bond strengths. These inks utilize advance varnish technology enabling them to run on a wide range of waterless offset presses including the Presstek 34/52 DI and KBA Genius. This resin technology plus the absence of silicones in the formulation means that very high bond strengths can be achieved. As with wet-plate TC+ inks, a wider range of core substrates can be covered using this series. 

U.V. Sensitive

Designed as security products for lamination within the banking sector, or as overprints onto signature panels. We offer a range of offset UV sensitive invisible colour inks; blue, red, yellow and green. These inks are invisible to the naked eye when printed and can only be seen under UV light. There are also inks available for paper and board substrates.

Surface Print

A versatile and robust wet plate offset ink series. We offer an extensive range giving excellent finish, rub and scratch resistance. Can also be varnished for extra gloss. This ink will print on a wide range of substrates including PVC, Foil, Vinyl, Paper and Board. If reverse printing is required, the colours can be backed with an equally high standard and dense Opaque White.

Offset Inks
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