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High Bond Laminating Screen Inks from Apollo Colours

Are you looking for a High Bond Laminating Screen ink which is formulated specifically for printing onto P.V.C.?

Apollo Colours High Bond Laminating Screen Inks offer exceptionally high bond strength, and low odor making them pleasant for operators to use, and dry with a smooth satin finish.

These inks offer very high opacity combined with very high bond strengths which have not been attainable previously.

Apollo Laminating inks are specifically designed for the production of credit cards, where they show exceptional adhesion and resistance to delamination.

Plastic cards produced with Apollo laminating inks can be used to produce “Bleed Edge" cards which show no tendency to separate from the overlay film.

Apollo High Bond Laminating Screen Inks are available in the following:

S28115 Matte White S34092 Grey Primer S34160 Press Ready White S17153 Clear Varnish Various High Bond Pearlescents For more information, contact us by email at or gives us a call at +1 (905) 944-8448. Looking for a variety of other Silk Screen & UV Offset Inks? Check out our product range at


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